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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Driver colonized Malls

I hate Drivers in shopping malls parking area.

I drive by myself and quite often goes to this ... ugly-commercial-social-concrete-mass-with-mediocore-care-of-design-but has many lights and colors-place we call Shopping Malls! 

Being inside a mall with other hundreds or thousands (if during a public holiday or weekend) of people can already be a pain in the arse but, finding a parking is also a bitch!, not that i often couldnt find a bloody parking, but the fact that many or most of Jakartans now dont drive themselves and they hire these affordable souls called Drivers!, These,.. creatures mainly in the form of males drives their bosses up to the lobby and then goes to the parking lot to park or should i say hang out or doze themselves off before the bosses pages them back to the lobby to pick them up. 

Now, ive got no problems at all with that, 
but the thing that annoys me is that the drivers will drive around and around to find the closest spot to the lobby or entrance, and most of the time, they will park paralel-ly and wait until somebody drives out and then take the spot. 

Now,..this pisses me off! i guess they probably think that every car parked there is driven with a driver, the fact that they just squeeze their big arse and sometimes fight with another driver to get that space which is only rows from the lobby entrance. 
Fucking hell man! why dont u just be a little more sensible and park somewhere further?!?!? You dont have to walk, you just simply only wait in the car or most of the time sleep while waiting for the boss and once they call u, u just bloody drive off anyways, and give the spot to others that actually drive themselves! 

Plaza indonesia has realized this problem and have introduced a rule in Hyatt that the first floor is only reserved for people who drive themselves, even though there's still big cars with their drivers roaming around looking for spots or sometimes on disable spots or emergency exits. 

I think shopping malls should put this rule: Drivers should park on the very edge of the parking space, or the lowest basements with loudspeakers connected to the car-call receptions, give them benches and tables so they can hang out with other drivers etc and im sure they'll be happy and we can save around (im sure) 20-30% space of parking spots for those elder ladies that needs to carry their shopping bags from supermarkets to their cars, or mothers who has to control half dozen of their children running around with melting ice cream due looking for their car in the "global warming test-drive ground", or what i call underground Parking lot. 


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