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Saturday, February 12, 2011


In a recent discovery, 

i was driving along Jl. Pangeran Antasari where they government or somebody else with a corrective-way-mindset of "making more roads will reduce traffic" is building a flyover, i noticed that they put this posters with pictures of lush forrest, spectacular scenery with mountains and trees and all to cover the construction that was operating behind it. 

i was like,.. "whhaaatt.....the???"
and the other thing that sorta pisses me off was that they put this sign in indonesian something along the line of "menjaga lingkungan untuk masa depan yang lebih baik" "to protect the environment for a better future" i was left speechless.  
Trying to think what was the whole concept of putting that kind of sign and posters to cover a massive construction that will just create more traffic in the near future. 
And of course after the construction is done, they'll put down the 'green' posters and put it somewhere else where they're building more road, shopping malls, etc. 

So, is this a lame trick to the less critical people of jakarta? trying to fool them by showing these posters, saying that they're trying to help the environment by putting a poster with lush forrest while behind it they're building a 2 lane-flyover that will not only going to be used by thousands of cars each day, but also block the sun light to roads underneath it, create more dust. Because there will be more cars passing by, there will be more pollution, not just the air, but the noise pollution too.

And if one builds a flyover to ... not reduce but more like remove-traffic, the cars will eventually come down to the existing road anyways,.. which god forbid will create more traffic, because indonesians, or more properly said, indonesian Drivers dont know how to drive properly (give way, and tolerate other drivers) combined with the lunatic-ly born "traffic fly" or what is known as, Motorcycles. 

I think the biggest problem here is that we and the indo government still think in a Corrective manner, instead of Preventive. The whole country based itself with that mentality, we correct things, we dont go back to the drawing board and turn into innovation. 

I also think now the old-fashioned people in the society is slowly replaced by the younger-new-skool kids that believes in revolution, invest in innovation, think more about emotional balance, than mere financial prosperity, and that sustainability can be seen almost like a religion that we believe in, not just a bumper sticker. We design to solve problems, not just to make things look pretty, we accept challenges and changes, we take risks!

Anyways, you know the biggest difference in traffic between a developed country and a developing country is?
in a developed country if cant go slower cos everything is already running at a fast-set-pace (speed limit). 
in a developing country you can go faster by just driving faster because there's no speed limit, unless there's traffic. 

Coming back to those forest-scenery posters, i've thought of an idea long time ago, of using such things to cover accidents on highways, since Indonesians always wanted to see/now what's happening if there's an accident which normally creates a long traffic because they have to slow down not to be-careful, but because they wanna see what happened, why dont they cover the whole scene with some posters of trees? 
they can still put the "save the environment" slogan etc for the sake of putting them on, but because that wont interest passer byers then it will make the traffic flow more efficiently. 

But dont put it to cover a massive road construction, 
that's just wrong man! 

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