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Friday, March 4, 2011

A 'fair' Obsession

It boggles my mind whenever i see a commercial ad on local television channels. 
They always portray that being dark-skinned is always a bad thing (less of a beautiful thing), 
or never been a cool thing. And when their skin got whiter all of a sudden they feel more beautiful. 
Who claims white skinned beings are more beautiful? 
Where did they get that kind of understanding from? 
Why? we are Asian, yet alone south east Asian people, we were born with beautiful tanned skin, something that the European or Australian can only dream to have.

But why does people (well some people) are obsessed with getting their skin whiter and whiter? And do you know what? 

if you want to have an obsession to be white, you will tend to cover your self from the sun, and your skin actually needs the UV rays to toughen the bones (vitamin D). The body also need the sunlight, so if you desire to be white, you automatically will inhibit yourself from the daily sun requirement, which so you will have (vitamin D) deficiency.

I always believe that being 100% natural is the best way to live, and you will last longer anyways if you're whole body is natural.  
Its the same thing like modified cars, when you start modifying the exhaust, change the engines, put turbos in etc, it will basically shorten the life of the car, and it will be much more expensive to maintain.

Well in the end its up to the owner of the car or the person, i just believe that natural Indonesian-tan-skin is beautiful! it looks healthy, durable somehow. Just because during the dutch colonialism era white people reign over the dark-skinned people, which probably gives that lasting impression to us that people who has fair skin somehow looks… more beautiful, 

I wouldn't say so.



  1. don't judge a book by its cover.
    saya kira smua org sering ngomong yg macem ky gini tp apa daya yg namanya marketing lebi "tajam" daripada indera yg dianugerahkan untuk manusia.
    jd intinya be wise sajalah...

  2. Betul, although justru kadang2 marketing menjerumus orang, cuma betul yang paling penting itu untuk to be aware aja.