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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monkey Suit Supremacy

One day i was driving back home from work and noticed that there was 3 Fire-trucks screaming loud with the sirens and with firemen hanging from the door yelling and some even knocked on people's windows, and other cars to make way for it. So, i as good citizen then pull over to make way for the firetruck to go pass. 

Thank to the heavy traffic i could see where the truck was going, and you know what…!!?!? 
He didn't bloody go to save a bloody building on fire or a poor chap's house burning down or something, he just went back to the Firestation. 

That's it! .. that's it???? 
All that commotion just to go back to the station. 
what the fuck! what the fuck were they thinking? 
come on man, if you were rushing to save many people in trouble then yeah please,.. but just to go home to your station you have to abuse all that temporary authority that was given in a form of red colored truck, and of course the uniform. 

The uniform, a layer of piece of clothing with a few emblems and logos that when a person with low education wears them, they think it automatically gives them unlimited authority and power. 

i wonder where did they learn that from? who taught us that uniforms gives us more power? instead of meaningful responsibility?
A uniform,.. a uniform should be something that the wearer should be proud wearing them because they are participating into something that is meaningful, for many people or to the country, not just plainly taking advantage or yet abusing them for personal gratification.


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